Open Cloud Testbed Program Status

09 November, 2020

Xilinx FPGA

Two Xilinx Alveo U280 FPGAs have been installed in the OCT.

OCT 1 & 2 under CloudLab Control

Resources in the OCT 1 &2 racks are now available to the research community under the CloudLab control framework.

01 October, 2020
2-3 March, 2020

Open Cloud Workshop

The Open Cloud Workshop will be held March 2-3 2020 at Boston Univerity:

Two Sigma

A BIG THANK YOU to Two Sigma for the donation of 200 servers to MOC & OCT!

1 December, 2019

OCT is Starting

The NSF CCRI project “Developing a Testbed for the Research Community Exploring Next-Generation Cloud Platforms” (aka as Open Cloud Testbed) is officially starting.